Phases and Stages

Side one of this album tells the woman’s side of the story. Beginning with Washing the Dishes, she’s tired of caring for someone who don’t care anymore, and Walkin’ is better than running away and crawling ain’t no good at all. Finally saying to him: Pretend I Never Happened- erase me from your mind; you will not want to remember any love as cold as mine. And then: Sister’s Coming Home, Mama’s gonna let her sleep the whole day long. Then back to the Corner Beer Joint, wearing jeans that fit a little tighter than they did before. The cycle is completed with I’m Falling In Love Again, and if I lose or win, how will I know?

Side Two, the man’s side of the picture, begins with Bloody Mary Morning. It’s been a long night in California and he’s flying home to find there ain’t No Love Around. His story continues with I Still Can’t Believe You’re Gone and It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way. With Heaven and Hell he starts his comeback, regains his sense of humor, and the man’s side of Phases and Stages is completed with Pick Up the Tempo just a little and take it on home, the singer ain’t singin’ and the drummer’s been draggin’ too long. Phases and Stages circles and cycles scenes that we’ve all seen before-listen I’ll tell you some more.

-Conceptual artist Willie Nelson

from the back cover of the album Phases and Stages